Group Counseling

Let’s Work Together!

Therapy For Groups

Lauren Mosback Counseling works with small groups of children as well as teenagers.

Children Group Therapy

Lauren’s Children’s Groups are designed to help children who may have difficulty expressing their feelings, may have social skills needs, or may lack coping skills to manage emotions and behaviors.

Young ones engage in expressive art therapy, therapeutic games and stories as they are guided by Lauren to learn skills, cultivate personal strengths and have fun.

How do children grow from Group Counseling?

  • Building self-confidence
  • Gaining self-awareness
  • Increasing social and communication skills
  • Learning coping skills to manage behaviors and emotions
  • Learning to identify and understand emotions
  • Practicing new skills and behaviors with others
bunch of children's fingerpaint stained hands

Adolescent Group Therapy

Lauren’s Adolescent Groups are designed to help tweens and teens who may be experiencing anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, school stress or relationship conflicts.

For adolescent groups, Lauren’s curriculum focuses on strength-based concepts, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies and positive psychology.

How do adolescents grow from Group Counseling?

  • Acquiring skill in stress management techniques
  • Elevated self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Engaging in positive interactions with peers to share life experiences and receive support
  • Enhanced social and communication skills
  • Heightened self-esteem as they identify and discuss their values, individual strengths, and brainstorm solutions to problems with one another
  • Increased assertive communication
  • Learning to manage emotions and improve mood
Teens lying down in a circle with feet touching